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The inspiration behind Medethix was to make high quality healthcare affordable and easily available to everyone by providing transparency. Medethix wants to be a part of the digital community providing the best services to patients and providers keeping in mind three principles: advance, affordable and accessible.

Standing true to our name, our services leverage on always being ethically right. Our doctors uphold the same professional, ethical norms and standards as applicable to traditional in-person care, within the intrinsic limitations of telemedicine.

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We provide healthcare services of superior quality and value that helps improve the lives of people. We aspire to become an end-to-end engagement platform in healthcare and provide support for healthcare entities interested in unifying, automating and optimizing multiple forms of communication into a common patient care oriented forum.

Our services includes phone/ video/ audio and similar formats for consultations / for diagnostic purpose and treatment plans from any internet connected device.


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Dr. Kalpesh Bhesaniya MD

Kalpesh is a physician in United States with 14 years of experience taking care of patients in various clinical settings including outpatient, inpatient, emergency room and long term care facilities. Has vast experience in implementing horizontal model of healthcare to be delivered in most effective and affordable way.

Kalpesh is a board certified MD physician who graduated from Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, USA. He completed his medical school from MGM medical college in Navi Mumbai.

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Dr. Nitesh Jain MD

Nitesh is a consultant radiologist in Mumbai who has worked in public and private sector for over 15 years. He specializes in neuroimaging with CT scan and MRI to diagnose acute and chronic conditions. Has brought affordable radiology services in underserved areas of Mumbai through a coordinated chain of diagnostic centers.

Nitesh graduated from MGM medical college in Navi Mumbai and completed his MD in radiology from DY Patil affiliated university.

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Dr. Mohnish Dighe

Mohnish is a Consultant Neurosurgeon with 15 years of experience working in medical field across government as well as private sector. He is based in Pune, Maharashtra and currently serves various hospitals in that region. In the past, he has managed a 50 bed exclusive Neurosurgical hospital and spear-headed operations in all functions including OPD, IPD, OT, Neurosurgical ICU and medical, paramedical staff functions.

Mohnish holds a MBBS degree from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, DNB General surgery from National Board of Education and DNB Neuro Surgery from National Board of Education.

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Mr. Ajay Bhesaniya

Ajay is an operational excellence expert and has 12 years of experience in organization-wide deployment of process improvement and automation programs. His experiences spans across five industries which include Construction, Oil&Gas, Automotive Steel, Consumer goods and Chemical.

Ajay holds a MBA from Rice University in Houston Texas, a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Texas and a Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering from University of Mumbai.

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Mr. Ankit Jain

Ankit is a senior software developer with 5+ years of experience in application development, majorly in banking and financial applications with key responsibilities in Overseeing development architecture, strategic planning, providing leadership with software development patterns and resource management.

Ankit holds a Bachelor in computer science from Mumbai University and Masters in computer science from Polytechnic University of NYU (New york).

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Mr. Rakesh Dighe

Rakesh has 16+ years of IT consulting experience across geographies (India, South Africa, China and Switzerland) with key responsibilities in Account Management , Client Relationship Management, Management Consulting and Business Analysis. Extensive experience in Insurance, Healthcare and Banking domains.

Rakesh holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Pune and a Master of Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (IIM Lucknow).

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Enter rates for various tests offered at your site including labs/ imaging.

When a user searches for a specific test, rates are listed in a location based map.

Patient books appointment which sends you an alert.

Stay competitive by adjusting the test rates based on local competition.

Increase patient volume by providing exceptional care and customer service at most affordable rates.

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Get connected : Most of our doctors are available 24 x 7. In case no doctors are available at that moment just leave a message in the chat box and you will be notified when the doctor is ready for you.

Get answers to your concerns right away in form of medical advice, treatment options, counselling and education.

Compare prices of tests and imaging offered by various labs.

Locate nearby labs for required tests.

Send a booking request to the lab and make online appointment.

Telemedicine has its own set of limitations for adequate examination. If a physical examination is critical information for consultation then the doctor will recommend you see your primary care doctor for in-person consult or go to nearest emergency room.


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